Vented Sport Hood


Take your Slingshot to the next level with the Vented Sport Hood. This hood is designed with premium materials, finishes, and style features like vented fenders and hood scoop; it also improves cockpit airflow and the aerodynamics of your Slingshot. Comes in factory matched paint colors for new and retrofit models going back to model year 2020.

  • Improves the cockpit airflow up to 10 degree reduction and improved aerodynamics
  • Factory matching color options retrofitting back to model year 2020
  • Stand out, aggressive styling including hood scoops and venting fins
Slingshot Red, Blue Metallic, Onyx Black, Midnight Storm Blue, Ghost Gray, Deep Brass Smoke, Liquid Lime, Moonlight Metallic White, Onyx Black Smoke, Quartz Gray, Slingshot Orange, Pacific Teal, Red Pearl, Azure Crystal, Rogue Red, Blue Steel, Miami Blue, Lifted Lime Pearl, Pearl Meltdown, White Lightning, Gloss Black, Stealth Gray Azure Crystal, Black Pearl, Stealth Black.


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