SSV Works Rear Storage Compartment Subwoofer Enclosure for the Polaris Slingshot


Need bass in your Slingshot?  SSV has the perfect solution for your Polaris Slingshot, with their new custom molded sub enclosure. The enclosure is made from 100% fiberglass to fit a 10″ round subwoofer or a 10″ square kicker subwoofer.  No cutting is required and the sub enclosure will fit behind either the driver side or passenger side depending on your preference. They finished the enclosure with a black texture to match perfectly with the Slingshot theme.. keeping the factory look and feel.


Polaris Slingshot Marine Subwoofer Options:

SSV Works Premium Marine Sub
Our premium Marine subwoofer started the revolution. They produce great volume and clarity for the price and are very reliable. – 10″ 600 watt (300w RMS) woofer

Kicker L7 Subwoofer
This Kicker square subwoofer delivers 20% more surface area than a comparable circular sub. A bigger cone moves more air, so you get more sound! – 10″ 1200 watt (600w RMS) woofer

Already have a subwoofer? Order the enclosure unloaded.


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