Side Storage Bags


2022, 2017-2019 Slingshot SLR
2022 Slingshot Signature LE
2022 Slingshot S with Technology Package 1
2021-2022, 2018-2019 Slingshot S
2021 Slingshot S with Technology Package I
2021 Slingshot R Limited Edition
2020-2022 Slingshot R
2019-2020 Slingshot GT
2018 Slingshot SLR LE
2018 Slingshot GT LE
2017 Slingshot SL LE
2015-2022 Slingshot SL
2015-2017 Slingshot

Door bags to keep your small belongings safe and easy to access. Water-resistant zipper and durable water-resistant construction.

  • Two Side Storage Bags
  • Bags add convenient storage on both sides of the interior
  • Each bag has a weather-resistant zipper that seals the large interior storage space
  • Bags can conveniently hold glasses, wallets, phones, and more
  • Mesh exterior pocket keeps items easily accessible
  • Slingshot-branded
  • Bags install easily without tools, can be removed quickly for transport at ride’s end


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